Olivia Gatt

Inner Voice

Amazon Alexa Cup 2019 - Global Winner

My role in this project was Art Director and Graphic Designer. I worked closely with Damian Asling, Creative Copywriter and Conversation & UX Designer, in creating the initial concept and bringing the voice experience to life through tone, language, and finally the overall branding of Inner Voice.

Amazon Alexa invited myself and four other Clemenger BBDO teammates to participate in the inaugural Alexa Cup. After qualifying events across 11 countries, three finalists presented their creations at the Voice19 Summit in Newark, New Jersey. The three finalists included us, from Australia representing the APAC region, Publicis Commerce from the USA representing the Americas, and Say It Now from the UK representing Europe. Clemenger BBDO ultimately were successful and won first place!

Our voice experience, Inner Voice, is a wellness tool that helps people understand, track, manage, and improve their anxiety.

Inner Voice meets a few core tenets that make voice experiences useful. It requires minimal behaviour change on the part of the user, the balance between input (effort required of people who use the skill) and return (the value the skill can provide with that input) is just right and the idea can consistently add value to the users’ lives.

One in four people experience anxiety at least once in their lives and despite the prevalence and availability of simple, effective treatment, approximately 60% of sufferers never seek help. Research shows that people experiencing anxiety fail to seek treatment for a number of reasons. Many never identify a need to seek help in managing their anxiety. Of those that do, many are deterred by the perceived effort of accessing help, and many others fear the stigma associated with experiencing a mental health condition.

The goal is that Inner Voice will make access to effective anxiety treatment easy and commonplace.

It will be available to the public for use in October 2019, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month.

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